Jew Girl, New Girl, Find Yourself Girl

By Shira Perton
“Four years ago I was told that my religion was ultimately going to hold me back, that it was a burden. Although I came to Stern to learn how to balance my religious beliefs and the education I desired, I gained a lot more than I ever realized was important.”

Time-Turners Don’t Exist in the Muggle World

“A million thoughts flooded my mind and  once I gathered them, what I felt was that I was not lucky enough to know what I was supposed to be missing. How can you be sad about something when you don’t know what that something is?”

Meet Alex!

“At Perspective, we like to connect with individual students and learn about them. Senior Alex Pittler explores her choice to switch her major to accounting, what it’s like to live in the Heights, and the importance of going with your gut.”

All Bottled Up

“We go through a period of grey. We all experience it differently, but it’s that inexplicable feeling inside of you that you’re running and running but not getting any closer to that finish line.”