Goodbye is Always Bittersweet

By Rebecca Kerzner
“Now with my graduation just around the corner (14 days away! Eek!), I’ve definitely been feeling nostalgic and also just incredibly blessed with how much Perspective has flourished this year.”


by Rebecca Kerzner
#sternprobs, we all have them. Check out these sick cartoons illustrated by Rebecca Kerzner!

Behind the Scenes with Sarah Rosen’s Fashion Blog

Sarah Rosen doubles as a college student and a fashion blogger. Cool, right? With almost 5000 followers on her Instagram page, this “Most Extra Minimalist in NYC” is doing things right when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. Read Perspective’s interview for a behind-the-scenes look on blogging, trends, style tips, and more!

The Pigeon: Friend or Foe?

By Rebecca Kerzner
Pigeon lovers out there, I feel you, these birds are THE FUTURE and are awesome. For my pigeon haters out there, I invite you to consider this article.

Cheap, Chic, and Sleek.

“You don’t have to shop at the Loft to fit in here at Stern.” Hello, discount stores!

Post-Grad Interview with Abby Adler: The Army Life

“Abby Adler, alum of Stern College (Class of 2017) felt pretty clueless upon her exiting college. She debated and weighed her options for a couple months, and then finally decided to pick up and go to Israel to join the army! Read on to hear about the good and the bad of post grad life and get a different perspective.”

The “Meme Lordess”

We interviewed Emily Neckonoff, senior at Stern College for Women on her newfound stardom of reaching 100 likes on a single meme. WOW!

How Being Blind Opened My Eyes

“With one sentence, my life was forever changed: ‘While your blood tests continuously come back negative, I do believe that this is indeed Neuromyelitis Optica.’”

On Second Semester Senior Angst

“I always want to share the best version of myself to everyone around me and channel a light and warmth onto others, but because of this, I’ve placed an unfortunate pressure on myself to always channel Mrs. positivity”