Taking Advantage of all this Christmas Cheer

By Lilly Gelman
“What can Christmas mean to those who didn’t grow up attending Midnight Mass to return home and ogle at gifts under the tree in the living room? Coming from a home of a different religion or one simply apathetic to the traditions of Christmas, can people still take advantage of all this most wonderful time of year has to offer?”

Time to Facetime

“Millennials…prefer WhatsApp and Facebook messenger to old- fashioned calling. The lack of face-to-face—or at least voice-to-voice— interactions, however, leaves a gaping hole in the process of building our relationships and friendships.”

Valentine’s Day: Hallmark or Holiday ❤️

“Other commercialized holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, have retained some hints to their origin, with the plentiful amounts of pilgrim costumes and nativity scenes seen around the winter months. With regards to Valentine’s Day, however, all we seem to have are chocolate and teddy bears. So I must ask, is Valentine’s Day a Hallmark Holiday?”

Writing on Writing

“The writer’s block I experienced at the beginning of this year felt as if the paint on my pallet had dried up preventing me from beginning, or the bristles of the paint brushes had crumpled leading to rough sentences. I feared I had lost my creative edge, or exhausted all of my possible article topics. What happened to my ability and passion?”

The Glass Castle: Moving, But Not the Memoir

“The Glass Castle portrays Jeanette’s emotional journey as she comes to terms with her past and upbringing. Nevertheless, the film lacks the shock and horror present in the book.”

Her: The Power of the Spoken Word

A movie that bends conventional love forms, Her emphasizes the power of connection through verbal expression. Read on for a glimpse into the academy-award winning film.

My “Thing”

“I was completely infatuated with and committed to somebody who would never want to commit to me; and I didn’t care. I didn’t care because he liked me.”