Some More Thoughts on Stern Dating Culture

By Liat Clark
“In light of a number of pieces (published and unpublished) recently written by women in Yeshiva University expressing their frustrations with the dating culture and shidduch system in our university and broader community, I’d like to follow up with some observations, comfort, and encouragement for everyone who finds themselves anywhere in the world of relationships.”

The One Piece of Dorm Decor That Will Transform Your Room

By Liat Clark
If you’ve read Elana Luban’s article on coming back to a room that makes you happy, you know that dorm decor is the secret to semester success. But what decor will deliver that desired happiness? We’ll tell ya!

The Great Shower Debate

By Liat Clark
“If you’re struggling to decide when’s the optimal time to get your shower on (and you have a thang for debate), we gotchu. Let’s lay out all the facts.”

Thoughts on Stern Dating Culture

“The herd mentality plays a large part in perpetuating the culture and pressure… this point is the most unhealthy to me.”

Foundations, Roots, and New Beginnings

“This square patch of dirt is the beginning of a home, and I have the privilege to be a part in its creation. I have not started it, nor will I finish it; I am just a point on its storyline.”

Wintertime Sadness

“This time of year may herald in the holiday joy, but for me, it announces the arrival of winter depression.”