Dear Abby: Concerned in the Caf

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Don’t You Wonder…

By Abby Stiefel
“We live in a crazy world and some things just do not make sense…We all have strange questions about the world and it is about time that some of these questions be revealed.”

“Ex on Standby” a Spoof Rom-Com Spec Script

by Abby Stiefel
“Pan across 2nd floor of the Mendel Gottesman Library Building: YU students at every desk chatting, studying, sleeping, etc. Camera focuses on library printing area, where Ava (Emma Stone) stands, shaking her leg impatiently, glancing at the time on her phone and then back at the printer. The lock screen of her phone is a picture of her and her boyfriend Jeremy (Ryan Reynolds). (This is visual storytelling, and it’s how you know this is a great movie.) ”

By Abby Stiefel

An Ode to Toastie

Abby Stiefel captures the experience of coping with the loss of Toastie, a campus restaurant beloved by Stern students. While we have been blessed with its return this week, we still remember the pain left in its absence.