Goodbye is Always Bittersweet

By Rebecca Kerzner
“Now with my graduation just around the corner (14 days away! Eek!), I’ve definitely been feeling nostalgic and also just incredibly blessed with how much Perspective has flourished this year.”


by Rebecca Kerzner
#sternprobs, we all have them. Check out these sick cartoons illustrated by Rebecca Kerzner!

Healthy Snacking by Hardcor Snackie

By Esther Klein
Instagram Mogul @hardcor_snackie with over 8000 followers collaborated with Perspective for an article on healthy college eating! Check it out!

Behind the Scenes with Sarah Rosen’s Fashion Blog

Sarah Rosen doubles as a college student and a fashion blogger. Cool, right? With almost 5000 followers on her Instagram page, this “Most Extra Minimalist in NYC” is doing things right when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. Read Perspective’s interview for a behind-the-scenes look on blogging, trends, style tips, and more!

“Ex on Standby” a Spoof Rom-Com Spec Script

by Abby Stiefel
“Pan across 2nd floor of the Mendel Gottesman Library Building: YU students at every desk chatting, studying, sleeping, etc. Camera focuses on library printing area, where Ava (Emma Stone) stands, shaking her leg impatiently, glancing at the time on her phone and then back at the printer. The lock screen of her phone is a picture of her and her boyfriend Jeremy (Ryan Reynolds). (This is visual storytelling, and it’s how you know this is a great movie.) ”

By Abby Stiefel

The Pigeon: Friend or Foe?

By Rebecca Kerzner
Pigeon lovers out there, I feel you, these birds are THE FUTURE and are awesome. For my pigeon haters out there, I invite you to consider this article.