Your Horoscope for March

Planets are moving, a New Moon is coming, and drama abounds. What do the stars have planned for you this week?

Post-Grad Interview with Abby Adler: The Army Life

“Abby Adler, alum of Stern College (Class of 2017) felt pretty clueless upon her exiting college. She debated and weighed her options for a couple months, and then finally decided to pick up and go to Israel to join the army! Read on to hear about the good and the bad of post grad life and get a different perspective.”

Monochrome Fashion: Color for the Minimalist

“The groutfit and all black looks have always been of comfort to me, so I took it up a few notches and added some color to create the most perfect minimalistic yet colorful outfits.”

The “Meme Lordess”

We interviewed Emily Neckonoff, senior at Stern College for Women on her newfound stardom of reaching 100 likes on a single meme. WOW!

Thoughts on Stern Dating Culture

“The herd mentality plays a large part in perpetuating the culture and pressure… this point is the most unhealthy to me.”

How Being Blind Opened My Eyes

“With one sentence, my life was forever changed: ‘While your blood tests continuously come back negative, I do believe that this is indeed Neuromyelitis Optica.’”

Valentine’s Day: Hallmark or Holiday ❤️

“Other commercialized holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, have retained some hints to their origin, with the plentiful amounts of pilgrim costumes and nativity scenes seen around the winter months. With regards to Valentine’s Day, however, all we seem to have are chocolate and teddy bears. So I must ask, is Valentine’s Day a Hallmark Holiday?”

Coffee State of Bean

Coffee is definitely the best way to espresso yourself 😉 (I know, we’re hilarious) Check out this awesome guide for some not-so-typical coffee shops near Stern!