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cropped-perspectivesaturated.jpgWhat exactly is Perspective

Here’s the story: 

I should probably begin by introducing myself. My name is Rebecca Kerzner and I am the Editor-in-Chief of Perspective! I’m a senior at Stern majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in English. This is the first year EVER that we’ve had a magazine and I’m so happy that I was able to have started such an initiative.

The idea of Perspective was born in the spring semester of 2017. At the time I was in a class called Magazine Journalism, where we were given a project to create a magazine with our own theme and write and design the articles, cover to cover. At the time, I was going through a rough patch in my personal life, so I aimed to channel that negative energy into something tangible and positive. I decided to call my magazine Perspective (based off a poetry blog I had at the time) and focused the theme on maintaining zen and distressing. Writing for the magazine served as a vehicle for shaping my sorrows and turning them into something meaningful and the process helped heal my wounds.

Here is that project where the original concept derived from:


On the final presentation day, I was a little sad to say farewell to my little project. But after class, a fellow student came up to me and said she loved it. She said my words had personally comforted her, and urged to make Perspective a real thing. I was so amazed at how my words could truly help her heal that I felt inspired to really push this idea forward. So, I started planning.

During the summer afterwards, I wrote up a magazine proposal complete with the idea, story, plan, budget, and outreach platforms and presented it to Dean of students, Dr. Nissel to plan for the future school year. I had hoped Perspective could become a platform for the whole student body to get involved and start being truthful about our daily stresses to unite and empower each other. For three months, I along with Shira Feen and Lilly Gelman, planned the look and feel of the website, color scheme, imagery, branding, and concept all of which brings us here, to what is now Perspective.

Perspective is a collaboration of ideas and feelings from individual voices on campus that come together for one mission: to uplift and entertain the student body during stressful times with articles written through a brighter, more positive lens! I think Perspective has enormous potential in bringing a positive spirit to our campus and giving students a creative outlet to express their emotions. But Perspective doesn’t just hold a message about positivity; It is also about embracing the beauty that is the human experience of feeling a broad range of emotions. We aim to celebrate authenticity with honest and open articles to reflect relevant topics that the student body ponders on the day to day basis.

Currently, Perspective comes in the form of this website and Instagram @yuperspectivemag, (Don’t forget to follow 😉) Articles are split into four sections: Advice, Stories, Editorials, and Funnies to reflect the various aspects of our college life. 

This mission is near and dear to my heart and I am beyond excited to share it with the student body.💜😘💞

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Rebecca Kerzner

Editor-in-Chief of Perspective