Healthy Snacking by Hardcor Snackie

By Esther Klein
Instagram Mogul @hardcor_snackie with over 8000 followers collaborated with Perspective for an article on healthy college eating! Check it out!

Behind the Scenes with Sarah Rosen’s Fashion Blog

Sarah Rosen doubles as a college student and a fashion blogger. Cool, right? With almost 5000 followers on her Instagram page, this “Most Extra Minimalist in NYC” is doing things right when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. Read Perspective’s interview for a behind-the-scenes look on blogging, trends, style tips, and more!

The 5 Languages of Love

By Linor Ben-Naim
Five Love Languages, admittedly sounds like a bad quiz you’d take on Buzzfeed, but it works. In fact, you don’t really need to read the book to understand the concept. It’s fairly simple, and by the end of this post, you’ll understand most of what you need to know.”

Shepping Nachas: Top Ten Jewish Musicians

By Jacob Roffe
“The conversation shifted gears and we began to discuss the top Jewish musicians in pop culture. After much research and thought, I think that I came up with ten of the best, and I want to share that with you guys, the readers!”

The Great Shower Debate

By Liat Clark
“If you’re struggling to decide when’s the optimal time to get your shower on (and you have a thang for debate), we gotchu. Let’s lay out all the facts.”

YU’s Speakeasy

By Ellie Parker
“At YU, parties are seen less as a rite of passage and more as a seedy, underground society…”

Spring Break Adventures

A peek into all of your Spring Break Adventures! We’re glad some of you found the sun!