Cheap, Chic, and Sleek.

“You don’t have to shop at the Loft to fit in here at Stern.” Hello, discount stores!

HQ: The App That Is Taking Over Millennials

” Being on a game show, simply put, is pretty cool. It finally puts each person in the driver’s seat, as if Oprah is pointing to us all and exclaiming that we all get to be on a game show! And HQ, with its kaleidoscopic graphics, clattering background music, and seemingly endless stream of terrible puns, is even more exciting. HQ manages to bring what used to be a rare experience to the masses.”

A Letter to the Voices In Our Heads

“Never forget where you come from. Never let someone else dictate who you truly are. God put you on this earth for a reason — for you to take all that you have been given and find a way to shine.”

If I Could Live Without Emotions

It’s true that challenging emotions such as shame, hurt, anger, resentment, and disappointment sting—sometimes to our cores—but they are also the birthplace of emotions that everyone wants to feel.

Upside Down and Inside Out #TBT

“As someone who has struggled with anxiety in the past, I fought with the notion of the “science” of psychology.”

Monochrome Fashion: Color for the Minimalist

“The groutfit and all black looks have always been of comfort to me, so I took it up a few notches and added some color to create the most perfect minimalistic yet colorful outfits.”

How Being Blind Opened My Eyes

“With one sentence, my life was forever changed: ‘While your blood tests continuously come back negative, I do believe that this is indeed Neuromyelitis Optica.’”

Valentine’s Day: Hallmark or Holiday ❤️

“Other commercialized holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, have retained some hints to their origin, with the plentiful amounts of pilgrim costumes and nativity scenes seen around the winter months. With regards to Valentine’s Day, however, all we seem to have are chocolate and teddy bears. So I must ask, is Valentine’s Day a Hallmark Holiday?”

Coffee State of Bean

Coffee is definitely the best way to espresso yourself 😉 (I know, we’re hilarious) Check out this awesome guide for some not-so-typical coffee shops near Stern!