Anonymous Stalker Stories

By Phillip Nagler
“I pray that he’ll soon forget who I am and he will become a thing of the past.”

Jew Girl, New Girl, Find Yourself Girl

By Shira Perton
“Four years ago I was told that my religion was ultimately going to hold me back, that it was a burden. Although I came to Stern to learn how to balance my religious beliefs and the education I desired, I gained a lot more than I ever realized was important.”

Healthy Snacking by Hardcor Snackie

By Esther Klein
Instagram Mogul @hardcor_snackie with over 8000 followers collaborated with Perspective for an article on healthy college eating! Check it out!

Behind the Scenes with Sarah Rosen’s Fashion Blog

Sarah Rosen doubles as a college student and a fashion blogger. Cool, right? With almost 5000 followers on her Instagram page, this “Most Extra Minimalist in NYC” is doing things right when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. Read Perspective’s interview for a behind-the-scenes look on blogging, trends, style tips, and more!

The 5 Languages of Love

By Linor Ben-Naim
Five Love Languages, admittedly sounds like a bad quiz you’d take on Buzzfeed, but it works. In fact, you don’t really need to read the book to understand the concept. It’s fairly simple, and by the end of this post, you’ll understand most of what you need to know.”