Slowing Down

By Eli Raskin
People love asking me, “Won’t you get bored?” Yes, and that’s exactly why I’m moving upstate: to get bored enough to finally appreciate what matters.

Hopelessly Devoted to my Eating Disorder

By Atara Sragow
” Being hopelessly devoted to an eating disorder can feel like being stuck in a toxic relationship with an abusive boyfriend. At times it feels impossible to speak up until you realize your voice is stronger than theirs.”

That’s News to Me

By Sonia Betesh
“Somewhere in between 90210 and The Bachelor, the political opinion took its own stance–using dating apps as its platform. First-time conversations have shifted from attempting to trump awkwardness to, well…Trump. When did dating become so political?”

Anonymous Stalker Stories

By Phillip Nagler
“I pray that he’ll soon forget who I am and he will become a thing of the past.”

Jew Girl, New Girl, Find Yourself Girl

By Shira Perton
“Four years ago I was told that my religion was ultimately going to hold me back, that it was a burden. Although I came to Stern to learn how to balance my religious beliefs and the education I desired, I gained a lot more than I ever realized was important.”