Six Signs Your Jokes Aren’t Funny

By Phillip Nagler
“I’ve decided to compile a list of tell-tale signs that your jokes aren’t funny. After reading them, you will be a pro at filtering out all of your mediocre comedy – even you, Karen.”

What’s the Deal with Pom Poms?

“Last time I graced the pages of Perspective magazine, I gave my take on pencil skirts and all of their glory. This time around, come with me as I maybe somewhat obnoxiously state my opinion on a peculiar fashion trend I see pop up every winter here at Yeshiva University.”

Your Horoscope for March

Planets are moving, a New Moon is coming, and drama abounds. What do the stars have planned for you this week?

The “Meme Lordess”

We interviewed Emily Neckonoff, senior at Stern College for Women on her newfound stardom of reaching 100 likes on a single meme. WOW!

Tardiness: Why it Might Be Your Best Trait!

Do you consider yourself a chronically late person? Do people make you feel bad about this? Jasmine Naim unveils 3 reasons for why tardiness might actually be a GOOD trait!

An Ode to Toastie

Abby Stiefel captures the experience of coping with the loss of Toastie, a campus restaurant beloved by Stern students. While we have been blessed with its return this week, we still remember the pain left in its absence.

Winter Break Adventures

A peek into all of your Winter Break Adventures (we’re not too sure you all were in winter though!)     Featured Images 📸 Jerusalem, Israel Simon Afriat 🇮🇱 Colon, Panama Eli Schwartz 🇵🇦 Tel-Aviv, Israel Talia Kupferman🇮🇱 Cape Town, South Africa Aline Budet Halpern 🇿🇦 Santa Monica, California Tzip Roffe 🇺🇸 Iceland  Barak Durani 🇮🇸 San…

So Be Sure When You Step

“This is by no means a set of rules – just suggestions based on observations…14 things to be aware of on your walk from Brookdale to 245. ”