The One Piece of Dorm Decor That Will Transform Your Room

By Liat Clark
If you’ve read Elana Luban’s article on coming back to a room that makes you happy, you know that dorm decor is the secret to semester success. But what decor will deliver that desired happiness? We’ll tell ya!


by Rebecca Kerzner
#sternprobs, we all have them. Check out these sick cartoons illustrated by Rebecca Kerzner!

“Ex on Standby” a Spoof Rom-Com Spec Script

by Abby Stiefel
“Pan across 2nd floor of the Mendel Gottesman Library Building: YU students at every desk chatting, studying, sleeping, etc. Camera focuses on library printing area, where Ava (Emma Stone) stands, shaking her leg impatiently, glancing at the time on her phone and then back at the printer. The lock screen of her phone is a picture of her and her boyfriend Jeremy (Ryan Reynolds). (This is visual storytelling, and it’s how you know this is a great movie.) ”

By Abby Stiefel

The Pigeon: Friend or Foe?

By Rebecca Kerzner
Pigeon lovers out there, I feel you, these birds are THE FUTURE and are awesome. For my pigeon haters out there, I invite you to consider this article.

Shepping Nachas: Top Ten Jewish Musicians

By Jacob Roffe
“The conversation shifted gears and we began to discuss the top Jewish musicians in pop culture. After much research and thought, I think that I came up with ten of the best, and I want to share that with you guys, the readers!”

Six Signs Your Jokes Aren’t Funny

By Phillip Nagler
“I’ve decided to compile a list of tell-tale signs that your jokes aren’t funny. After reading them, you will be a pro at filtering out all of your mediocre comedy – even you, Karen.”

What’s the Deal with Pom Poms?

“Last time I graced the pages of Perspective magazine, I gave my take on pencil skirts and all of their glory. This time around, come with me as I maybe somewhat obnoxiously state my opinion on a peculiar fashion trend I see pop up every winter here at Yeshiva University.”