Weather Woes and Living For Now

Read this month’s editor’s letter of stories, insights, and tips! Let’s celebrate getting past the end of midterms!

On Second Semester Senior Angst

“I always want to share the best version of myself to everyone around me and channel a light and warmth onto others, but because of this, I’ve placed an unfortunate pressure on myself to always channel Mrs. positivity”

Editor’s Letter: Dealing with Change

“We can regain ourselves in so many different ways: through nature, in the magic of books,movies, and musical numbers. This month, I ask for all of your take a moment to smile, laugh, or smirk as you read these articles. ”

Editor’s Letter: Our Stern Community

“When we are open to recognizing how similar we all are, we are able to see our surroundings differently and connect with our peers in a deeper way.”

Editor’s Letter: Perspective

We’ve got a wild idea here. We want to praise the authentic self. The self that cries from joy, from sadness, from jealousy, from anger, and all the emotions in between. 🎉👌