The 4 Person Room Struggle

By Eliana Lindenberg
“All of these things coupled with the possibility that you and your roommates will just not get along can make living in a four-person room a difficult experience for all involved. But it can also be the very best thing that ever happens to you. ”

A Guide for Spring Cleaning Your Life

By Chaviva Freedman
“I’m wondering if there is a way to do a mental version of spring cleaning. How do I figure out a way to weed out the people that bring me down instead of picking me up? How do I break down what things are more important than others? It’s something I struggle with a lot lately.”

Time-Turners Don’t Exist in the Muggle World

“A million thoughts flooded my mind and  once I gathered them, what I felt was that I was not lucky enough to know what I was supposed to be missing. How can you be sad about something when you don’t know what that something is?”

If I Could Live Without Emotions

It’s true that challenging emotions such as shame, hurt, anger, resentment, and disappointment sting—sometimes to our cores—but they are also the birthplace of emotions that everyone wants to feel.

Your Horoscope for March

Planets are moving, a New Moon is coming, and drama abounds. What do the stars have planned for you this week?

Post-Grad Interview with Abby Adler: The Army Life

“Abby Adler, alum of Stern College (Class of 2017) felt pretty clueless upon her exiting college. She debated and weighed her options for a couple months, and then finally decided to pick up and go to Israel to join the army! Read on to hear about the good and the bad of post grad life and get a different perspective.”

Thoughts on Stern Dating Culture

“The herd mentality plays a large part in perpetuating the culture and pressure… this point is the most unhealthy to me.”

Finding Your Dream Internship: Five Easy Steps to Success

“I get questions all the time about how I got these internships (usually it’s being in the right place at the right time) and how I’ve been able to maintain connections with the companies. Here are some pieces of advice anyone in any major can use.”

New Year’s Disillusionment

The ideas that seemed so grand in the first place now look bleak and far away. And above all, I’ve developed the same slump that I was in before, leading to disillusionment of my resolutions.