The 4 Person Room Struggle

By Eliana Lindenberg
“All of these things coupled with the possibility that you and your roommates will just not get along can make living in a four-person room a difficult experience for all involved. But it can also be the very best thing that ever happens to you. ”

A Guide for Spring Cleaning Your Life

By Chaviva Freedman
“I’m wondering if there is a way to do a mental version of spring cleaning. How do I figure out a way to weed out the people that bring me down instead of picking me up? How do I break down what things are more important than others? It’s something I struggle with a lot lately.”

Time-Turners Don’t Exist in the Muggle World

“A million thoughts flooded my mind and  once I gathered them, what I felt was that I was not lucky enough to know what I was supposed to be missing. How can you be sad about something when you don’t know what that something is?”