A Day in Stern, as told by these 18 GIFs

By Liat Clark

  1. Waking Up: You vs. Your Roommateross wakes up
  2. Getting into the 245 elevators
  3. Being late to class as an FTOC
    running to class FTOC
  4. Being late to class as a senior
    late to class senior
  5. Sitting in class waiting for lunchtime
    spongebob bored in class
  6. Going to the caf during the lunch rush
    dwight plague
  7. But then you see your friend
    phoebe rachel jumping
  8. And back to class trying to make it until dinner
    boy meets world bored in class
  9. Mexikosher night 10 minutes after the caf opens
    empty fridge
  10. But you’re out of caf money anyway
    sugar daddy
  11. Trying to sneak onto the shuttle with the crowd because you don’t have a reservation
    simpsons hiding
  12. Pretending not to eavesdrop on the drama happening behind you
  13. Stepping out into the heights
    this is the bad place
  14. Going to the library: Expectation
    spongebob writing essay
  15. Going to the library: Reality
    living in the library
  16. Going back downtown on the shuttle
    mario kart
  17. Falling into bed past midnight
    falling into bed
  18. But at the end of the day…there's no place like home

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