I Loaded Up My Zara Cart So You Don’t Have to: Minimalism and A Case for End of Term Procrastination

By Francine Szerer

I am always amazed at Zara’s ability to brighten my mood when I’m stressed. Not a day goes by without Zara adding something new to their collection. That is why when things get tough, I escape to the Zara website and start adding endlessly to my cart. Since I always gravitate towards minimalism, Zara is always a great place to shop for basics and fun statement pieces to spice up my look.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with those impending end of term papers, projects, and exams, take a quick study break and take a look at my top picks for de-stressors. Here are 7 pieces I have in mind:



This super cute midi black and white print dress can easily be worn for both day and night — it’s all in the shoes. Pair with white sneakers for a daytime trend or slip on some booties for a night out.


I love white leather booties in the winter. Not only do they show that you don’t care about the no white after Labor Day rule, but they also spunk up any boring winter outfit — setting you apart from everybody else. If white is too much for you, these gorgeous booties come in black as well.

For a more traditional yet grungy look go for FLAT ANKLE BOOTS WITH STUDS, which are sure to toughen up the dress and add a special touch to any outfit.

A superb accessory for completing the look above is this MINI BUCKET BAG WITH METAL DETAILS.

I love this bag for its simplicity and edginess. The bucket silhouette is very in and works with almost any outfit. The size is also perfect for day-to-day running around the city and can easily transform into a nice going out bag

Next, are you looking to replace your boring everyday turtleneck? Here is a sweater that I just could not resist. This zip up is a minimalists dream. Simple in its color and texture yet so unique in its design. Personally, I have this top in multiple colors and love wearing it in different ways.



In case you haven’t noticed, this ribbed knit sweater with a high collar is all the rage in the Stern hallways. I promise this sweater will become your go-to as this winter gets darker and colder. It comes in white, black, navy, and grey. This super soft and incredibly comfy top is perfect for those chilly winter afternoons. Dress it up with a funky skirt, wear it open with a thin dress, or pair it with a classic pair of jeans.

Dresses to wear this sweater over are:

For those who are looking for something different, wear this top under a spaghetti strap dress. The contrast that this look brings it differs from the classic turtleneck-under-slip-dress look. Wear it under this PLAID DRESS or under a VELVET ANIMAL PRINT DRESS.

Leather skirts are a must in have in a minimalists wardrobe and a need in every woman’s closet. This skirt can be worn in so many different ways and to every occasion. Whether it be long or short, dressy or casual, that is up to you.  Here are some great options:



I love this skirt for so many reasons. First of all, the price is amazing. Secondly, the high waisted belt creates a beautiful shape that will flatter any body type. I also love the seams down the middle both vertically and horizontally, creating a four-panel look, giving the skirt and extra edge.



This mini pleated leather skirt is so different from all of the ones I have ever seen. Add a white tee for a more relaxed look or a tight turtleneck sweater (color of your choice, but I would stick to the neutrals) to dress it up a bit. Pro tip: when Zara has great minis at low prices, I like to buy two and find a way to combine them to make a longer skirt. To merge these two skirts, add the ruffle from one as a second layer to the other.



Love them or hate them we are all in need of a great pencil skirt for winter. Haven’t found one yet? Look no further! I don’t even have to tell you how to wear this one. Just do your thing!



Bored of the classic black skirt and leggings that you wear Every. Single. Day? Instead, reach for some plaid! I would suggest matching this plaid mini with a bright white sweater, a barrette (black or white), and knee-high boots. For us taller women, or those who prefer a longer skirt, buy one of them in a bigger size, then, ask your seamstress to remove the zipper and combine the two skirts to create a longer, A-line, look.



I absolutely love this dress. It is great for dressing up your everyday outfit, spicing up a night-out look, or even adding some originality to a formal ensemble. It can be worn to so many occasions. Pair with a leather jacket to dress down for the day or high bootie heels to dress up for the night.

Now that you’ve gone through my Zara cart (and have created your own), it is time to get back to work! Good luck with all of those papers and exams. Never forget, no matter what, zara.com will always be there for you whether you’re craving a scroll or splurge to get you through the day.

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