How to Create Those Warm Winter Bedroom Vibes

By Francine Szerer

1. Create a Reading Nook for Extra Cold Days:

Whether you have space by your window or you are using your bed, a nook or special place in your dorm for reading and studying is essential for the chilliest of days. Make a winter escape with a bunch of comfy pillows and the right throw. This space will be perfect for reading or Netflix bingeing when it is just too cold outside.

I love Dormify’s fluffy pillows for creating a homey winter wonderland feel. Mix and match the Faux Mongolian Euro Pillow and the Faux Mongolian Pillow – Rectangle with the perfect throw blanket ( I like the Super Soft Pom Pom Throw Blanket because the pompoms remind me of snowballs). These will help create the perfect winter atmosphere.

2. Add a Hot Cocoa Station:

Transform your desk or any other table into a hot chocolate bar. (Your roommates will love you for this, trust me!)

Do it yourself by covering old cans with paper for labeling and fill them with your favorite flavored hot cocoa powder. Add mason jars filled with marshmallows, cookies, and candy canes for an extra splash of warmth and sweetness.

But be sure to keep the area neat and tidy! Nothing sours up a sweet treat like an unwanted bug visitor.  

3. Hang Snowflake Lights Around Your Bed:

Instead of the overdone bulb lights that your roommates and everyone else on your floor have already hung around their bed, why not go for festive winter snowflake lights to set your bed apart from the rest. These twinkles are unique and will give your room that desired winter glow.

4. DIY Snowflakes to Winter up Your Dorm Room:

Match those snowflake lights with handmade paper snowflakes hung around your room. Start off with a square piece of white construction paper and follow this step by step tutorial on Decorating with Paper Snowflakes.

If you’re like me and you do not have a crafty thumb, you can buy paper snowflakes online and hang them all over your room!

5. Enhance Your room with Winter Scents

Most students would agree that candles are a must-have in the winter. Scented candles liven any room that they’re in with their delicious aromas. Scented candles are known to calm you and wind you down at the end of the day. Once you’ve nestled yourself in your DIY reading nook, a great smelling candle is the perfect addition to make your room feel extra cozy.

No matter how you decide to winter-ize your dorm room, make sure to have fun! Invite your friends or roommates to join you. At the end of a long cold school day, you’ll be happy you did. So grab some hot chocolate, a good book, and get comfy in your nook as you watch the snowfall in and outside of your room.

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