Struggling with Semester Stress? Read This Now.

Dear Reader,

Midterms season is upon us! I’m going to be brief because I know you have to get back to studying.

Even now as you read this, you’re probably already thinking about your to-do list, brimming with homework, papers, exams, projects, and meetings. How many texts and emails have you left unread because you don’t have the time or energy to deal with them?

spongebob to do list

Not to mention actually seeing your friends or family; if they don’t live in the library with you, they basically don’t exist right now.  

How many times have we said to ourselves recently “I just need to get through this week and then things will calm down?”

But life doesn’t seem to calm down, does it?

overwhelmed gretchen weiners

Especially during this high-power time, I’d like to suggest a really easy way to manage the stress. I’d like to suggest: Meditation.

zen deep breath

Many of us may have preconceived notions about meditation.

You may be picturing monks or hippies on hilltops, you might be thinking about Rafiki from The Lion King sitting cross-legged going “Ohmmm.”

I’d like to reframe the way we think about meditation.

Meditation is about self-awareness.

meditation aura

When we develop an awareness of our thoughts, we can become less physically affected by them. In training the mind to be more open and less reactive, we are better able to cope when life’s stressors start building up.

Meditation isn’t about eliminating stress; it’s about managing it.

Stress often gets a bad rap, which is perhaps undeserved. Think where we would be if we didn’t feel pressed to study or finish our papers on time! We need stress to push us into action and motivate us to get things done.

spongebob writing essay

But when stress is a negative force, when it’s not motivating us but is actually bogging us down and overwhelming us to the point that we try to run away from it…

We can meditate.

We can develop awareness of the stress we feel without getting immersed in it or letting it drive our behavior, allowing things and thoughts to come and go with a newfound sense of ease.  

So if you need a little help managing your stress (and really, don’t we all?), watch this 1-minute guided meditation:

On a scale of 1-10, how much better do you feel right now??

i feel ecstatic

An 11? I thought so.

If you want more of this amazingness, check out the Headspace app. Need more convincing to meditate regularly? Read this.

Good luck on midterms!

Sending zen vibes your way,


zen deep breath 2

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