Don’t You Wonder…

We live in a crazy world and some things just do not make sense. While waiting for the street light to change or taking a shower, weird questions may arise (such as the ones in this article). More often than not we forget to ask our peers for answers or are too embarrassed to bring up the subject. You should know you are not alone. We all have strange questions about the world and it is about time that some of these questions be revealed.                    

  • Is there a correct order to use shampoo, conditioner, and body wash? And is 3-in-1 a scam?
  • What happens when you reply to a “no reply” email?
  • What are the random pictures continuously shown in the background of karaoke screens? Who chooses them?
  • Should a law be created to ban microwaving fish in an office microwave?
  • Shouldn’t we make the choice between WhatsApp or messaging instead of texting everyone based on their preference?
  • Why are pens chained to the desk at banks? Have you ever heard of a committed pen robbery?
  • Ever wonder why its trendy to own records of current artists when the majority of people do not own record players?
  • How come all of my dad’s shoes are now in style? – Sperrys and white Nike running sneakers
  • Do baristas at Starbucks purposely spell names wrong for so people will post about it on social media, unknowingly giving Starbucks free PR.  
  • When a toilet paper roll is marketed to be the equivalent of 6 rolls – what standards are they going by??
  • Does low power mode on iPhones actually work or is it just there to make us feel better?
  • “They call me Stacy, that’s not my name…” What is her name??
  • Do dogs think in barks?
  • Do we get to choose the sound of our “achoo” when we sneeze?
  • Are history classes going to get longer and harder as time goes on?

Some questions are best left unanswered and these mysteries of life can make the average day to day more exciting. Always be curious and who knows, maybe one day you will discover what “Stacy’s” real name is.

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