Planning a Pinterest Wedding: Color Palettes

By Francine Szerer

We all know that girl who has been dreaming of her wedding day from the moment she first played dress up as a bride. She has been scrapbooking and making vision boards, and finally, has been Pinteresting all the way to her big day. But, we are not all that girl. Not all of us have been fantasizing about seeing our bridesmaids in blush or mauve. We may not have given thought to colors at all. And even if you have picked the colors your best friends will wear, you may be freaking out over what flower combination would pair best.


Regardless of how you feel about it, the truth is that the first thing your guests will notice the moment they set foot in your wedding is the color palette. The colors you chose have the ability  to set the mood for the entire evening (or day, if you prefer).


When brainstorming your palette, here are some things to consider:


  1. The colors do not have to  be part of every single wedding detail. Think of the overall aesthetic that you want to portray.
  2. Your personal wardrobe may reveal your tastes. Personally, I am very muted when it  comes to color in my life. When it came to planning my own wedding I began to think of my daily wardrobe. My outfits consist of blacks, greys and dark blues. While the overall body of my look may be plain I like to add components that will brighten up my look. And that is how, when it came to picking my colors, I knew that I wanted a look that would translate into subtle elegance with few pops of exciting colors.
  3. The venue matters. Some venues come with carpets and other decorative aspects that could add and detract from your wedding. Others are blank canvases, such as warehouses, lofts and tents. It is important to make sure your venue and colors complement each other to achieve the maximum effect.
  4. Think of your childhood home for inspiration. Anything from a magnificent Persian rug to a rustic grandfather clock can offer a wealth of inspiration.


Make sure to prioritize what you love, and trust yourself. This is your day, don’t forget that. It is very easy to get caught up in the rush of it all and the anxieties that come with planning a wedding. Your color palette can guide your decisions, but it doesn’t necessarily determine them.


But, if you are feeling stuck… here are some ideas and color combinations to help you start planning, or dreaming, about your wedding:


Lilac and Grey

Jamie Buerger writing for Martha Stewart calls this combination, “The most romantic wedding colors ever.” Of course, that is not to say that all other weddings are not romantic. But by filling the day with the lightest of purples contrasted with complex grays will set a lovely tone. Your bridesmaids can wear lavender, while your family can be in different shades of grey and silvers to  make the colors really pop.


When using such soft and gentle colors, you can incorporate them into almost any aspect of your wedding. Lilac can be used for details in the table cloths, pops of color in your bridal bouquet,  throughout the centerpieces, chuppah, and border on your invitations and place settings. Grey works best for draping — think gauzy drapings as a room divider to separate a cocktail area. Also use grey for napkins and light fixtures.


When it comes to incorporating your wedding colors in the food,  go for the dessert. A multi tiered white cake paired with lilac and grey fondant petals are the perfect combination for tying your colors together.

grey lilac


Magenta and Gold

Unlike soft and dainty lilac, magenta is a color of passion and romance. Gold, on the other hand is glitzy and glamorous When it comes to these colors, I would suggest incorporating the shades in controlled doses. Start with a light pink and white palette and then add gold and magenta for dramatic pops. You can have your bridesmaids in blush, champagne or even gold and allow family members to indulge in the deeper tones.


When playing with such bold colors it is important to make them the center of attention, not the overall theme. Add pops of bright pinks and reds in your bouquet and centerpieces, surrounding them with greens and whites. Have some gold netting or textured fabrics around the stems of your bouquets to add some sophistication. Another fun way to incorporate gold into your flowers: use a hold floral spray paint and add a fairytale mist to the leaves and stems. Although pinks may be too feminine for the borders of the invitations and place cards, gold will add an elegant touch.


If you decide to use such bold colors for your wedding then you are clearly a risk taker. Whether or not you decide on a traditional wedding cake, do consider going down a funkier route to complement your daring choice. Think a doughnut wall with magenta colored doughnuts dipped in variations of gold, or an arrangement of cake pops that will steal the show at any dessert table.

magenta and gold


Green, White and Pops of Color

Green and white are a great foundation for any wedding. There are many ways to go about this color scheme, and can be customized to fit many tastes.. You can choose for a brighter color/colors to accent the simpler hues, opt for some muted tones or leave the white and green to stand alone. To accompany the clean tones, bridesmaids can dress in a multitude of colors such as: navy blue, plum, blush, hunter green and many more. Whichever color you choose can be paired with deep tones incorporated sporadically amongst the arrangements.


For navy bridesmaids you can give them simple and light bouquets filled with white peonies and gardenias mixed in with delicate leaves; this will ensure that  the dark blue pops against the more relaxed green and white. For blush bridesmaids, you can opt for different shades of pink or go bold with reds. The different shades of pink will complement each other, while the red will ensure a pop.


For the other wedding details, such as invitations and place cards, decide which color stands out the most of your chosen hues. This color is not necessarily the one used most frequently – it should be the one that speaks to you most. You can line your invitations with the navy your bridesmaids wear or the deep purple of your accent flowers – no matter what  you choose, make sure it speaks to you.


When it comes to such simple colors it is important to go big on your accent decorations. As mentioned before, pops of color in the flowers will always add much desired dimension. In terms of food, you should be thinking the same way. Pick dishes that feature eye-catching color palettes, or literally pick plates that will bring bursts of color to your tables. Match chargers with the color of your boldest flowers to create an aesthetically pleasing connection.
green white

Make sure not to overthink your choices. Your wedding will look beautiful no matter what. Don’t let the constant “what are your colors?” question freak you out. Remember, your colors should serve as direction, not as your rule. Just have fun because at the end of the day, it’s your day and you know it will be beautiful.


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  1. Em says:

    Love this! I’ve looked at so many on Pinterest, I feel like my tastes change every week. Like you say, think it’s going to be difficult to decide on anything until we have a venue booked.


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