💃🎵 Back to School Playlist 🎵💃

By Perspective Editors

Living in the city comes with a unique soundtrack: taxis honking, sirens blaring, pigeons chirping (do pigeons chirp??), and pedestrians rushing. Commuter announcements, and buskers, and subway “Doors Closing” chimes. As the wise August Rush taught us, “Music is all around us…all you have to do is listen” (if you haven’t seen this movie, press pause on this article and grab your Netflix immediately). But in case the sounds of our city lives are less than welcome to your ears, your walk-to-school playlist needs an update, or you just want some fresh song recommendations, grab your AirPods, Beats, or regular ol’ wired headphones and tune into this jammin’ back-to-school playlist!

  1. Don’t Let Me Jake Scott
  2. Starlight Neverest
  3. We Are the Young Andy Kong
  4. Closing Time Havelin
  5. Young Volcanoes Fall Out Boy
  6. Drown Luke Chase and Clay Borrell
  7. Skyline LOYALS
  8. Rise Walk Off the Earth
  9. Happier Bastille and Marshmello
  10. Can’t Knock me Down Anna Mae
  11. Youngblood 5 Seconds of Summer
  12. High Hopes Panic! At The Disco
  13. Weak AJR
  14. Sober Up AJR
  15. Ships in the Night Mat Kearney
  16. Alright Anthony Ramos
  17. All Time Low Jon Bellion
  18. Guillotine Jon Bellion
  19. Grand Piano Nicki Minaj
  20. Remedy Alesso
  21. Say My Name David Guetta, Bebe Rexha, J Balvin
  22. Superhero Lauv
  23. Be Alright Dean Lewis
  24. Head Above Water Avril Lavigne
  25. Role Models AJR
  26. A Little More Alessia Cara
  27. Sleep Ian Grey
  28. Boomerang J.W. Cudd
  29. Karma Grayson DeWolfe

Click here for the full Spotify playlist! Happy listening! 🎶👯🎤

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