Top Five Books to Get You Excited for Summer

By Kayla Plutzer

With finals coming close and the summer getting even closer, there’s no better way to get ready than to sink your teeth into an amazingly fun contemporary novel. Since starting my blog in March 2016, I have had the privilege of reading tons upon tons of books. My blog is called Kayla Reads and Reviews, where I review most, if not all, of the books I have read after I finish them (you can find my blog here, I have gone through hundreds of books to find what I consider to be the top five books to get you excited for the summer. These are mainly Young Adult Contemporary with one Adult Contemporary novel in there, but I personally believe that there is no age limit on reading.


1. Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan


This book was extremely fun to read. The main characters Rachel Chu (American-born Chinese) and her boyfriend, Nick Young (a native of Singapore) go to Nick’s childhood home in Singapore for the summer to celebrate the wedding of Nick’s best friend. When they arrive, Rachel is exposed to the life Nick grew up with. This book is filled with drama, food, fun, scandal and so much more. Something important to keep in mind when reading this is that it is written to be EXTREMELY over-the-top and isn’t a realistic depiction, like the way Gossip Girl was for the Upper East Side. I really recommend picking it up before the movie comes out in theatres in August.



2. The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson



I have been reading novels by Morgan Matson since I was in the tenth grade and each one gets better and better. Andie is the daughter of a politician and has her whole life planned out in front of her, until her dad makes one mistake and it all comes crumbling down. Having to get a job for the first time in her life, Andie learns that things don’t always follow the plan you have. This was one of my favorite summer reads in 2017, I loved everything about it. Bonus: cute puppies on the cover!



3. Fireworks by Katie Cotugno


To me, the summer is a time of 90’s boy-band music being blasted in the camp dining hall and hanging around with my friends. This one is a perfect mix of 90’s pop stars, friendship and fun. I really liked it but I can’t figure out how to explain it without giving away the whole thing, so just take my word for it.



4. Flight Season by Marie Marquardt


There’s nothing a college student can relate to more than realizing your major just isn’t for you. Vivi’s life was on track until it came tumbling down around her. She comes home for the summer after her freshman year of college, taking a volunteer position at the local hospital. She makes friends and learns lessons along the way. I loved this book a lot.

5. I See London, I See France by Sarah Mlynowski



What screams summer more than a trip to Europe with a best friend and no worries? Best friends Sydney and Leela have always had plans to travel Europe after their freshman year of college- just the two of them and a whole month of touring. But when they run into some unexpected bumps in the road, the whole trip is turned on its head. Another fantastic read and such a funny book!

If you enjoyed these mini reviews, check out my Instagram Kaylareadsbooks! Happy reading and enjoy summer vaca!


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