TKup’s Top 20 Ways to Add Gratitude and Happiness in Your Life

By Talia Kupferman

Study after study reinforces how profoundly expressions of gratitude positively impact our health, our moods, and our relationships. Staying in the present can be tough, especially being a college student and needing to juggle studying, babysitting jobs, Shabbat plans, and that perfect summer internship. I have found it a necessity for me to stay in the moment and be thankful for the things I have in my life. With the help of LOTS of people, I have landed on some things that help me stay positive and in the present. I hope you can find at least one thing on this list to elevate you, and to insert joy and positivity into your day! 😁✨💃


TKup’s Top 20 Ways to Add Gratitude and Happiness in Your Life:

    1. When you’re in a sad/ grumpy mood an easy way to feel instantaneously better is by putting on happy and upbeat music! 🎶
    2. Q&A a Day: 5-year journal. This book contains 1 question for every day of the year for the next 5 years! The questions can be as simple as “What did you have for dinner tonight?” or as serious as “What things do you still question in life?” This way you have answers for the next 5 years on a variety of topics! I am in my second year of writing in it, and it is so cool to see what I wrote to the same question exactly one year ago. Sometimes my answers change dramatically, but sometimes they are literally the same. It’s nice to see how you’ve changed and grown in the past couple of years and how you’ve remained your amazing self. The book may be purchased through this link.
    3. Give someone a compliment
    4. Have a notebook designated to write down 3 things you are grateful for every day. I like to keep this little notebook near my bed (with my Q&A a day book), so I can fill them out right before I go to bed. 📔
    5. Paint your nails a bright and new color 💅
    6. Surprise a security guard with a delicious coffee or hot chocolate from the Caf or even Dunkin/ Starbucks if you’re feeling really giving that day. I find that making others happy with small gestures not only makes them more grateful but it makes YOU begin to notice the small things people do for you as well.
    7. Buy flowers to brighten up your room 🌹🌷🌻
    8. Write a letter to someone who you miss…yes, a REAL letter, with a stamp. It is such a nice feeling to spontaneously send and receive a letter from a friend with a nice note inside simply telling them you miss them.
    9. Daven in the morning. Taking those 30 minutes in the morning helps me concentrate, relax, and focus on what makes me happy and what I am thankful for before my day begins.
    10. Volunteer in your community!
    11. Focus on how you feel with an inner beauty regimen,” taking some time to think about the beautiful aspects of yourself that you LOVE. Be proud of yourself and your body and appreciate the beautiful things make you YOU. 💖
    12. Learn from your mistakes. This one is tricky but so important and helpful
    13. Do 3 things for 3 minutes every day that bring you some happiness- could be as simple as getting fro-yo, singing out loud (my fave) or watching a video that makes you laugh- there are no wrong answers here.
    14. Learn something new every day
    15. Do your work outside – especially now that the weather is so beautiful! 🌅🌳📚
    16. Go to a fun workout class! I recommend 305 Fitness right on 33rd. It’s literally just a dancing party which happens to be a workout too #doublewammy 💃💦💪
    17. Appreciate and make time for your family 👪
    18. Take a class simply because it seems interesting to you and not because it’s a pre-req or for credits. Learn more about the things that you find fascinating.
    19. Trying to be conscious of your attitude: try not to give the same “I’m tired” response when someone asks you how you are
    20. SMILE MORE 😁😁







Bonus: I highly recommend watching the SoulPancake series: The Science of Happiness. Check it out here (I promise it will make you feel some joy).

I hope you got excited about at least one of these 20 tips to add Gratitude and Happiness in your everyday life. Even just picking one of these can truly do wonders. We can all benefit from a little more positivity in life and no matter which one (or more) you try to include into your day- OWN IT!! Because keeping you happy, keeps others happy…especially us at Perspective. 😊


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