Goodbye is Always Bittersweet

By Rebecca Kerzner

Dear Readers,

What. A. Year. This year really flew by. It was filled with ups and downs and all-arounds but all in all, this year was absolutely incredible, and however cheesy it may sound, starting this magazine was undoubtedly my favorite thing that happened. Now with my graduation just around the corner (14 days away! Eek!😅), I’ve definitely been feeling nostalgic and also just incredibly blessed with how much Perspective has flourished this year.

In creating Perspective, I’d hoped to really impact people’s lives and I strongly believe that it did. As fellow students watched their friends speak up in this online platform, Perspective allowed people to be unabashadley themselves and inspire one another. After the first issue came out with Lilly Gelman’s “My Thing” in October, someone approached me individually to tell me how much this article had helped them with something personal they were dealing with. She said, “It was so on point, and I needed to hear it. I give her so much cred for publishing it.” After each subsequent issue, I’d speak to more people and have similar conversations, and I started to notice how these articles were truly helping people see things differently, or at the very least, not feel completely alone in their struggles. When Liat Clark’s  “Thoughts on Dating Culture” was published in the February issue on Valentine’s Day, she had multiple people message her on both campuses saying much they enjoyed reading, felt validated and understood, and even a Stern alum reached out personally to express her gratitude and admiration. I’d sit with Liat in the Brookdale lounge and she’d tell me about all this excitedly and I’d say, “See, this is the Perspective high!”, which is a phrase I coined for the feeling a writer gets after writing a Perspective article and seeing its impact. Together, the larger student body was connecting and slowly I noticed a significant culture shift.

This year, unlike my previous three spent here, it became the norm to discuss taboo topics openly. It also became acceptable to actually “like” Stern, enjoy the city, and find opportunities all around us! Perspective showed the student body that we could be just as great as all the other New York City schools and that every person is equally capable of getting to that happy place in their relationship with Stern. Even within the confines of 34th Street, we found cute hole-in-the-wall coffee shops, thrift shops a couple blocks down, two parks within a 10 minute radius (Madison Square Park and Bryant Park), a beautiful East River also an easy ten minute walk from 245 Lexington and so so much more!

I am so happy to have met so many wonderful people this year through this magazine and to share in so much open and honest conversation. The board was a community. We met once a month to discuss articles, but we also talked about our day-to-day lives,balancing the professionalism and goal-setting of Perspective with personal bonding time and openness that characterizes what Perspective is meant to be.. I’ve loved interacting and getting to know so many wonderful people.

I am so happy it took off so quickly and I am excited to announce that our team has expanded and next year, there will be 14 people spearheading our social media, illustration, and editing team, and that’s not even including our wonderful writers! What originally started as a three man show, became a big multi-faceted machine! I’d like to thank Shira Feen and Lilly Gelman for all their help picking Perspective up off its feet at the beginning of the year and tirelessly working to bring it to such tremendous success. Our teamwork really brought the show together and it could not have come this far without Shira’s sharp attention to details (not to mention emotional support) and Lilly’s editing and managing skills. I’d also like to thank Liat and Chaviva for being awesome editors and writers and being passionate about our mission.

Perspective seriously made waves on this campus and though I am sad to say goodbye to a magazine I worked so hard on this year, I am also so incredibly excited to see what’s next because I know it will only continue to grow and inspire everyone who is a part of it.

Lastly, I hope everyone has a wonderful and magical summer and for those of you that are dreading summer, it won’t turn out as bad as you think! Who knows what surprises lie ahead! 🎊 We only have to get through finals together, which will be tough and stress-inducing as they always are, but hopefully these whopping 23 articles can entertain you during those hours of procrastination in reading week! 😉


Unabashedly yours,

Rebecca Kerzner 🌸


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  1. ailin elyasi says:

    You’re amazing, Rebecca! I enjoyed every edition

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