Behind the Scenes with Sarah Rosen’s Fashion Blog

By Rebecca Kerzner and Sarah Rosen


Rebecca Kerzner: So tell me a little bit about yourself!

Sarah Rosen: I’m originally from Los Angeles, and I go to Stern. My major as of now is business/finance/marketing with a minor in biology. A fun fact about me is that I was actually featured on the Kelly Live show last year and danced with Jason Derulo! Check out the link!


R: When did you start blogging and why?

S:I started about last year, (2017 in November) because I always loved taking photos and I really enjoy looking at how a picture is made– the dimensions of it. I used to look at photography blogs all the time. When I got to New York, I started exploring more in the city and seeing a lot of new cool places that I would share on my Instagram and, slowly, through people’s suggestions and myself, I felt like it was something I wanted to get more involved in.


R: What do you hope your followers will get out of it?

S: I hope that they can see and take advantage of the city and all it has to offer from pop-up shops to galleries and more. I always try to make myself put together because I know it’s so easy to just roll out of bed in sweats and a t-shirt, but I personally feel way more put together if I take five minutes to get dressed. By sharing my outfits and where they are from, people can get the items if they’d like to. It’s kind of an expression of myself.


R: What was the most recent thing you did in the city?

S: I actually modeled for my friend! She’s in New York Design School and she asked me if I could model the dress she created. So I put on the design, she customized for me a little bit, and we had a photoshoot in Soho!


Here is the outfit!


It was super cool. I’m actually in fashion fundamentals at Stern, and the era we are studying and designing for was the 60’s.Her outfit was inspired by the 60’s as well so that was a really interesting coincidence.


R: That is interesting! So in terms of blogging, what is one thing about blogging that you think nobody would ever expect?

S: Well, things definitely don’t always go on the first take. There’s sometimes more than twenty pictures that go into a picture that’s taken, and there’s a whole filtering process to make it fit your feed and exactly what a picture needs. It’s not so simple, and even coming up with a caption can take a while. It’s funny, I actually used the 35th street marble kitchen counter as a flat lay for a photo of things in my purse that day. It took me a bunch of tries but that background actually worked out really well.

Yep! That’s 35th!


R: So how do you filter your photos? Can you give us non-bloggers some tips?

S: First, I usually whiten the background on an app called Facetune where you can whiten parts of a photo. I do that to all of my pictures so that it’s the same look. Then I’ll go into Vsco–a filtering and photo detail editing app for elements such as exposure, contrast, highlight and temperature–and play around with the composition and filters of the picture. The last step, which is actually kind of funny, and nobody really knows this, is that I have another Instagram account page and it’s on private and nobody really follows where I post my pictures early to see how it looks and have posts prepared for say, a week in advance. Recently I’ve been trying to transition my captions to being more bloggy. I find that having more in the caption is really what being a blogger is all about, rather than just an Instagrammer. Using hashtags is also really good for engagement. Sometimes I’ll go into them individually and comment on other people’s photos to get connected. It’s really all about interacting with other Instagrammers.


R: What would be the best style tip you could give to someone who isn’t so good at putting outfits together?

S: Focus on a statement piece! Find a few items that really stand out and base your outfit around it. When working with statement pieces there is much less room for stylizing the outfit, to ensure it doesn’t become over stylized, making your job that much easier! I promise you’ll be sure to receive compliments on that statement piece as well, people love seeing unique things.


R: So have you met up with other bloggers?

S: Well, I actually have a couple events coming up. I am attending a trunk show for a company I have worked with which should be fun, I have an event at intermix, a store in SoHo which other bloggers are attending as well, and I am going to an event for one of the media groups I work with, called “create and chill”, where everyone within the media group will meet, which should be great for networking.


R: An obvious question for bloggers. Do you ever photoshop your body or other parts of your photos?

S: I really try not to do that, because I want to be authentic with my followers. Obviously, if I have a huge pimple or something I’ll just smooth it over a little bit, but that’s about it. I know myself and I’m not perfect, I think everyone just wants to be around someone who is real and authentic; someone they can relate to. I try to convey that about myself to my followers. I’ll share things like how I don’t like my voice on camera or how excited I was about getting a shot on the first try to show how I am not perfect by any means.


R: Through your time instagramming, how have you seen the Instagram world evolve?

S: It’s changed so much. I don’t know if you heard, but the algorithm changed a while ago. The Instagram industry has really changed and I think it’s a lot harder for people. It used to be that when a large amount of people would like somebody’s picture quickly, their picture would end up on a category of the app called the “popular page,” but that is not the case anymore. Since Instagram is a business, their goal is to have people remaining within the app for as long as possible, so that they can have more advertising opportunities. Additionally, they want the app to remain relevant and hot so they have changed their interface. Now, there is an “explore page”, which are pictures customized with algorithms to each individual person. Therefore, someone who loves sports won’t have a picture of fashion on their “explore page,” making getting noticed harder then before. As a blogger you have to work in different ways.


R: So how do you stay with the trends and what are your favorite stores?

S: Really just seeing what other bloggers do and following fashion website content. I love ASOS and I think they have a huge selection. You can filter out styles and pricing on the website so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Returns are also super easy; you can just flip the package inside out and send it back. I also really like Zara because I find that their pieces are really cute but also affordable. I have a few pieces here and there that are higher priced, but my focus is not there. I’m a college student and I like to keep it fashionable but affordable.


R: What are your favorite trends right now?

S: I love catty hats and I love teddy coats. They’re the perfect transition from spring to summer.

R: How would you describe your style?

S: Mostly just chic and put together. I don’t think you could say I have a specific style because I like to wear whatever I’m feeling at the moment. I’d definitely choose heels over sneakers, for sure.


R: Do you plan on posting more frequently on your online blog “”?

S: I sure do! I recently just published a blog post on skin care and what I did to improve my skin. I posted this after asking my following through my “instagram stories” a new feature to instagram which bloggers have really taken advantage of to engage with their followers, to make sure this was something that my followers would be interested in seeing. I want to provide content that my followers enjoy and want to read, which is why I always like to check in with my followers prior to writing.


R: Now for some fun questions! What’s your favorite caf meal?
S: I like the salmon. I love coffee, even though the caf’s coffee can kind of be a hit or miss.


R: What are you most excited for this summer?

S: I am traveling to Israel, Paris, London, Venice, Rome and Amsterdam! I have never been to Europe before so I am super excited to explore. It will be interesting for me as well to transition my blog to more of a travel account, but I am up for the challenge!


R: What is your current favorite song right now?

S: My favorite song right now would have to be Love Lies by Khalid. I love Khalid, I think he is super talented, down to earth, and has a really great sound and vibe to him. I actually wanted to see him in concert but unfortunately the dates don’t work out for me. Maybe next time!


That’s a wrap. So what are you waiting for? Check out the sickest Insta page here 💻🌹📸.

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  1. Sarah Rosen says:

    I had the most amazing time working with Rebecca and the magazine on this piece!

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  2. Marioness says:

    Such a great post! Will defintely check out Sarah!
    Would love if you checked out my blog! It’s all about fashion & lifestyle!


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