Upper West Side Brunch Guide

By Talia Kupferman

If you’re anything like me, meals are your favorite part of the day😋. Every dish has something unique and different to offer. Whether sweet or savory, hot or cold, a fancy out-on-the-town meal, or a stay-at-home eat while binging Netflix in pajamas food, each meal is an opportunity for an adventure. However, there is one meal that trumps them all. With its rarity, diversity and deliciousness… BRUNCH is the reigning champion. 💪🍞☕🍳🥗

That late morning meal eaten leisurely is a wondrous combination of breakfast and lunch. Brunch has a special place in everyone’s heart, as it goes hand-in-hand with slower paces, catching up, and taking time out. That’s why this UWS Brunch Guide is going to be your secret weapon for happy brunching.👍 With the abundance of kosher restaurants in NYC, it is sometimes overwhelming to pick where to go and what to get. But have no fear, TKUP IS HERE TO SAVE YOUR SUNDAYS!


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Coffeeberry (90th and Amsterdam) $$

Coffeeberry is one of the newer restaurants on the UWS. The location is super convenient, there is plenty of seating, and the service is great. One of the little things that I appreciated when dining there was the fresh whole-grain bread with butter and jam they serve with your dish–it is so simple, yet makes such an impact. The menu is the perfect size to not be overwhelming, but still gives you a variety of options. Their prices are very reasonable and don’t make you feel as though you just spent all your babysitting money in one sitting.  

Most popular brunch time dishes: The Coffeeberry Omelette, The Leo Benedict, Split Avocado Salad, Pa’s Stack (3 Homemade pancakes,) and Avocado Toast Smash.

Most popular smoothie: Englishman in NY.

In addition to their smoothies, they have hand-crafted soda, coffee, milkshakes and freshly squeezed juice. They are currently working on a brunch menu, so there will be more brunch specials to come!




Bagels & Co. (79th and Amsterdam) $

Bagels & Co. is a great place, whether you just need that quick on-the-go bagel and coffee, or want a more “chill” sit down brunch. They have a great variety of bagels, over 20 spreads and amazing baked goods! These bagels have a “crispy” bite to them but still have the perfect amount of chewy. They are not shy with the amount of spread they put on the bagel, so don’t worry about needing any extra cream cheese. The seating is a bit more crowded than the other restaurants, but people don’t tend to sit for too long. In addition to their bagels, they have a great “Make Your Own” salad bar with tons of toppings. They also have pizza, soups, wraps, and falafel, so there is plenty to choose from. ☺

Best Bagel combo: Classic plain (or cinnamon raisin if you’re feeling sweet) bagel with cream cheese, Everything bagel with tuna fish, Eggs on a fresh croissant.

These are Manhattan priced bagels so your order may not be what you’re used to from out of town…but the bagels are worth every penny.

Sunflower Cafe (93rd and Amsterdam) $$

First thing I noticed about Sunflower Café is how large the restaurant is, and I soon learned that their menu is as well! As for the seating, there are a large number of tables (in addition to the outdoor seating they open once the weather gets nicer). The menu is on an iPad because there are so many dishes to choose from. I’m going to hone in on their brunch specifics. At Sunflower Café, their motto is: “Breakfast all day, everyday.” All their breakfast dishes come with a side of salad, French fries or home fries and a hot/iced coffee or hot/iced tea (BEST!).

Most popular brunch time dishes: Shakshuka, “Make Your Own Omelet” (most bang for your buck) and Pesto Pasta.

Most popular drinks: Sunflower Freezer Chocolate, Freezer Coffee (like the Israeli iced café).

My Most Favorite Food (72nd between Broadway and West End) $$$

My Most Favorite Food is definitely on the fancier side if you’re looking to #treatyo’self or have a family gathering. The ambiance is relaxing, they have fantastic service, and a great variety of tasty dishes. My Most Favorite Food actually started as “My Most Favorite Dessert” and later becoming a proper restaurant, so they changed their name. Therefore, getting a dessert is a must, even for brunch. They have a special brunch menu filled with parfaits, eggs (all served with a tomato basil salad and home fries), homemade soups, waffles, and wine (for all those 21+ of course).

Most popular dishes: Challah French Toast, Mediterranean Omelet, Crispy Vegetable Roll.

Most popular desserts: Shadow Cake (pareve), Strawberry Shortcake (dairy) White Chocolate Mousse Cake (dairy).

All cookies, pastries and cakes are baked fresh every day, so do not forget to order your dessert.

By The Way Bakery (90th and Amsterdam) $$

Although By The Way Bakery isn’t a restaurant, I decided to add it to this list because it is a fantastic bakery that is a great addition to any brunch (or any meal for that matter). The ambiance of this little bakery makes you feel as though you’ve stepped out of the crazy hustle and bustle of NYC and entered a small town. The employees are friendly and are truly knowledgeable about their products. Oh, did I mention that everything is dairy-free and Gluten-free??? Yeah, you would never know! Their pastries are fresh, sweet and have this melt-in-your-mouth taste. Their delicacies are on the more expensive side, but worth every penny. Additionally, their Stumptown coffees and hot or iced teas are a great pair to their decadent pastries.

Most popular pastries: Brownies ($4), Almond Cookies ($2), Mini Lemon Poppy Cake ($5).

Most Popular cakes (whole or slices): Coconut Cloud, Red Velvet.

If you happen to find yourself on the UES craving something sweet, check out their location 84th and Lexington too!


I hope these helpful tips have eased your UWS Brunch struggles (the struggle IS real). Be sure to take tons of pics of the delicious dishes you get and the people whom you shared these magical brunch experiences with to send them to us at Perspective for  chance to be featured on our Instagram or Facebook! Wherever you decide to go for brunch, make sure to get good food and go with good company!

Peace out ✌🏽


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