Your Newest Form of Procrastination: Psychedelic GIFS

By Rebecca Kerzner

Let’s be honest here. Much of the time we spend in classes “listening to the teacher speak” is actually spent surfing the web online. Be it Buzzfeed, online shopping, Facebook stalking, surfing through articles, or navigating the million and a half Whatsapp friend groups we all have (or mute notifications for), we can always use another mode for passing the class time. I am seriously so genuinely impressed with the people who can sit day after day, typing notes diligently, participating and asking questions. Sometimes I hope I can be more like that, but then I find myself opening Facebook and I just fall down the rabbit hole all over again. And just last week, I discovered a new form of procrastination: psychedelic GIFs.

These GIFs offer a movement so full of power and zest that no static photo or random article on the Internets can compare. There are tons of them all over the Googles and they are simply delightful. They aren’t just GIF, they are optical illusions and they are amazing. Some are more trippy than others, so here’s your official warning if these will trigger epileptic seizures.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorites of these lovely colorful majestic GIFs. I’ve compiled a mixture of psychedelic ones and just plain old satisfying GIFs. If you like what you see, click here to see more for yourself!

Enjoy and happy procrastinating!










Now you can go out and conquer the world more colorfully stimulated and pleasantly dizzy from these wonderful GIFS!

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