Cheap, Chic, and Sleek.

By Shira Feen and Rebecca Kerzner

Shira was born in South Africa, grew up in the States, and is still blessed with an exotic South African accent. 💁‍ She hasn’t always been as fashionable as she is now, but ever since she worked for Redbook, Cosmopolitan, and Seventeen Magazines in their fashion closets working to style tons of outfits every day, she got a glimpse of the fashion world. While working photoshoots and grabbing coffee for her bosses☕, she learned what she was missing and gained a new appreciation for the art of fashion. No more baggy awkward pencil skirts or little boy Old Navy tops for Shira🙅‍ (yes, she wore six of those shirts in rotation circa 2014.😮 I begged her to include her Smurf t-shirt photo in this article, but she refused. Here is the Facebook link. If she asks, this is her payback for designing the satire ad of Perspective in the Commentator.😏)

Shira is not a writer, but I have always loved her clothes and insisted on writing about it so others could indulge in the beauty of her wardrobe💓. We talked it over and I discovered that Shira is also incredibly cheap and spends pennies on all her clothes, while somehow still managing to look presentable. Through waiting for things to go on sale (everything goes on sale, she claims), sticking to the clearance rack exclusively, and regularly checking out stores like Marshalls, TJ-Maxx and even Wal-mart (Shira mentioned Ross but I ignored it for being too ratchet🙊), she is able to look stylish on a budget.👍 “Basically you don’t need to shop at the Loft to fit in here at Stern,” Shira said to me one night while drinking rooibos tea, a drink native to South Africans. G’bye Lord & Taylor and Gap (yes, even Gap is too expensive for Shira😆), hello discount stores! Together, we scoured her amazing closet and compiled four trends: Embellishments and Velvet, Little House on the Prairie, Black Tie Casual, and The Classics, for your viewing pleasure and entertainment. We hope you feel inspired to check out some of the stores and shop Shira’s cheap, chic, and sleek style. Woo, that was a tongue twister! 😝


1. Embellishments and Velvet

These are the types of items that are coveted because everyone is always looking for that easy piece that you can easily throw on but still stand out. You can dress them up with tights and heels or dress them down with a pair of Vans.👟(from Nordstrom Rack. Do NOT buy full price. Ever.) This collection contains pieces from Target, Zara, and Ali Express, which is the Chinese version of eBay. Although most of the sellers don’t speak English at Ali, reviews can fill in the blanks and it’s definitely worth the risk. Just order at least six months before you need the piece to ensure it’ll come on time.😁Also, note the velvet dress from Target for only $2.97! A STEAL!😱 😱Lastly, Look 4 features boots from Kmart because it is the greatest place for shoes from Shira’s collection and also the only item she ever got complimented on at her fashion internship.


(looks from left to right) Look 1: Red dress from Zara, $23 and Sam and Libby sandals from Target, $19

Look 2: Black dress from Ali Express, $22; Merona Espadrilles from Target, $15

Look 3: Grey Velvet dress from Forever 21, $15; Kenneth Cole booties from Marshalls, $14

Look 4: Bow Dress from Target, $2.97; Boots from Kmart, $17


2.Little House on the Prairie

These outfits are all about Shira’s Missouri roots; she had milk delivered in glass bottles and the traffic lights turned off at 9PM.🥛🚦🤔 The good old days have long passed, but she brings her country gal vibes to the big city and relives the comfort of home.😌 These are perfect girl-next-door looks that work with big nerdy glasses (from Costco. Yes, Costco.) and walks in Central Park. This collection features kids boots from Target. The kid’s sections often have bigger sizes and are half the price. Enjoy.

trend 2.jpg

(looks from left to right) Look 1: Yellow dress from TJ Maxx, $13; Boots from Target Kids, $18

Look 2: T-shirt from Target, $10; Dress from Target, $15; Boots from Kmart, $17 (Kmart boots Shira swears by!)

Look 3: White Dress from Macy’s, $19; Boots from Target Kids, $18; Hat from Target (Actually don’t know how much it cost because got it for free from working at Redbook when Target came to visit us!!)

Look 4: Dress from TJ Maxx – $12; Boots from Target Kids, $18,  Walmart cardigan, $8


3. Black Tie Casual 👠👢

Shira wishes she had more events to wear these to, but instead she wears them waitressing on Shabbat at Stern College for Women. Black is timeless, slimming, and edgy. Check out those amazing ruffled sleeves on Look 4! I am OBSESSED!👗 These looks work for fancy day outings in Soho, Thursday nights out, and more.🙌 Funnily enough, the dress from Look 4 didn’t have a price on but after much heckling, Shira convinced the customer service man that he should charge her $15. Not too cheap, but she took it. Another tip Shira gives for shopping at Target is to use the Cartwheel app that scans items for coupons and discounts. Just watch the deals roll in.💸

Note: Finding a cheap dress at Anthropologie is like winning a scratch card. It happens, but not frequently.


trend 3.jpg

(looks from left to right) Look 1: Who What Wear dress from Target, $18;  Kenneth Cole booties from Marshalls $14

Look 2: Leather dress from Zara, $22;  Kmart Boots, $17

Look 3: Green dress from Anthropologie, $18; Kmart booties, $20

Look 4: Black dress from Target, $15; Kmart Booties, $20 

4. The Classics 🤗

If you know Shira, you know these outfits. We shot these photos at Shira’s favorite coffee shop, Birch Coffee because the only thing closer to her heart than her clothes is her coffee.☕ The shirt from Look 3 features Shira’s 12th birthday party present that she received because of her love for Mini Coopers.🚗 “Recycle clothes, trends come back,” Shira claims (although I am not too sure this one has 🤐) All of these looks are easy to recreate. Shira’s absolute favorite is the black dress with the dusty rose velvet jacket. Black dresses are a STAPLE and Old Navy sells them 24/7. But you can buy them anywhere; Shira’s is from Ross.


trend 4.jpg

(looks from left to right) Look 1: Black Dress from Ross,  $12; velvet jacket from Target, $28 (the most expensive piece in entire wardrobe!!); Kmart Boots, $17

Look 2: London shirt, $6; Sienna & Bellini: Green Target Kids skirt, $7; Vans from Nordstrom Rack, $18

Look 3: Mini Cooper t-shirt, birthday present from the Mini Cooper dealership; army skirt from Walmart, $12; Kmart Boots $17

Look 4: Plaid dress from Burlington Coat Factory, $11; Kmart Boots $17


For those who love online shopping (or who currently have another tab open RIGHT NOW😳), check out Shein and Poshmark. Shein is great for finding every trendy piece you could possibly want, in every style, shade, and color. Its quality is like Forever 21, but the prices are even better. Free shipping, free returns, and INCREDIBLY CHEAP prices. What more could you ask for?🤑Poshmark is like a fashionable E-bay and you can buy all the “last in stock” items that nobody else will have. Shira bought a beautiful leather dress from there that gets a new complement every time she wears it! (She can’t wear it to waitressing so she saves it for weddings.🙄)

Now go out there and buy yourself a pink velvet jacket and you too can have Shira’s cheap, chic, and sleek style.


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  1. I love the group in Velvet. You look cute in them, I am a huge fan of velvet as well.
    Welcome to my site


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