21 Tips for Soaring Your Way to Midterms Success

by Eliana Lindenberg

Midterms and finals are a stressful time. Professors decide to pile on enormous projects while also expecting you to be able to take their huge exam.📚🗒️ Don’t worry though, here at Perspective, we’ve got your back. Here are some helpful tips to get you through this.🤗


  1. Get enough sleep💤 –your body will thank you for it.🙏 In a perfect world, everyone would sleep for as long as needed, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Just avoid all-nighters, because it’s hard to recover from them.🥀
  2. If you do need to stay up all night, make sure to drink enough water and find time for a brief recovery nap. All the studying in the world won’t save you if you’re snoozing during the exam.😴
  3. Make a study schedule so you can study efficiently and effectively. If you color-code it, it’ll look rad and it’ll be nice to look at. 📕📙📒📗📘
  4. Be kind to yourself and include breaks.💆Nobody can study for 25 hours straight without needing to eat or take a break. Browse on your phone to clear your mind, just be sure you don’t fall down the Facebook Rabbit Hole and waste your day. 10-15 minutes of SnapChat stories should be enough. 📱
  5. Ignore your study schedule and panic.😫Just kidding, don’t do that!😏 If you’re finding that you’re over-stressing, sit back for a moment and take a deep breath. You got this! 😌👌
  6. Post on Stern: In the Know asking for notes/study guides. Students, both current and past, are a wealth of information. Not all are willing to share, but finding that ~special someone~ could cut your study time in half.✌️
  7. Drink some hot cocoa or eat a Kit-Kat while you study.🍫Chocolate is known for making you feel good, and eating it while you cram will trick your brain into believing that study=JOY.Okay, I made that second part up, but hot cocoa is good so I recommend it.☕👍
  8. You could go for tea or coffee, whatever your thang is. A hot drink and a caffeine boost could get you through just one more review, which could lead to acing that exam! Also, please don’t burn your mouth while drinking these delicious drinks, as that would be bad. Also don’t spill them on your notes or computer.💻 That is BAD.
  9. When studying at your desk, don’t shake the desk. This can cause any textbooks to fall from the top shelf. Textbooks falling from the top shelf causes head injuries and laptop injuries.📚 I repeat, DO NOT SHAKE THE DESK.❌ I can tell you from personal experience that it is a bad road to take, so just don’t shake your desk.🛑
  10. Wear something hella comfy while you study like your favorite pair of sweatpants or your best PJ shirt.👚You’re a Midterms Queen and deserve to be treated as such👸🏼👸🏻 — even while studying for something like a General Biology exam.
  11. Or if sweatpants and PJs aren’t really your style, wear something that is fab as heck, because you look awesome. 👗🕶️👠Confidence is key.
  12. While you’re looking fab, you may as well put on some makeup.💄Popping highlight and amazing mascara or a bold lip can be a huge source of confidence. OR don’t wear makeup. Who has time for that anyway? Your face is beautiful just the way it is. Do what your heart desires.💃
  13. When your classmates inevitably beg you for notes or a study guide, hiss at them. This is a power move, BUT DON’T DO THAT. 2018 is the year of women being there for women, so band together and become a unstoppable study group. 👊
  14. Make index cards for concepts.🗃️ Not only will they be DOPE to study from, but the act of meticulously writing everything out will help you better absorb all of the information.🤔
  15. Use colored pens if you have them. They look pretty, and color-coordinating what you write will help you pay more attention to what you’re actually writing. Additionally, color-coordinating your notes will help you review them faster. Don’t trust me? Click HERE.
  16. Draw a pretty flower on your hand,🌼 it will make you smile amidst the pain and suffering- I mean amidst all of your studying.Doodling in general is a fun way to take a momentary break from studying, even if you just draw a smiley face.🙂
  17. Pick out a rockin’ study playlist to listen to!🎶 Music is a good way to get hyped and in the mood to study. I like to listen to any Star Wars soundtrack while I study, because it makes me feel like I’m saving the galaxy while I’m only reviewing grammar for my Hebrew midterm.
  18. Another good break idea is to exercise a little. Do some jumping jacks, dance around, whatever gets you moving. The endorphins you get from exercising will help power you through more studying. 🤸🕺
  19. If you get really sweaty while exercising, take a quick shower.🚿You’ll feel refreshed and ready to ace your studying. Even as a general break, taking a quick shower will help you wash away the stress you might be feeling about midterms.
  20. After you conquer your exams, go conquer the world.🌎 Wait. Actually, don’t conquer the world, that’s for cheesy movie villains to do.🤣
  21. If all of this fails, you can always just stay in college forever. The financial office won’t complain. 🤷

Now that you have all of these handy tips to help you ace your midterms, you can just breathe and get through them successfully! After you’re finished with exams, get ready to celebrate…until finals.



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