Tiberi-YES! A Comprehensive Food Review

By Ellie Parker

My love affair with Tiberias began my first night on campus. It had been an all too stressful afternoon and I needed a safe haven. My room was filled to the brim with luggage and estrogen and I longed for an escape.😟As I stepped out from under the illustrious blue awning over Brookdale, my eyes were drawn to the big white letters across the street. “TIBERIAS,” they read and I was hooked. I dodged cars coming from every angle between Park and Madison, as my hunger and enthrallment could not wait for a crosswalk. A restaurant as convenient and delicious as Tiberias should be enough, but it doesn’t stop there. Tiberias is open until 2 AM from Sunday-Thursday. 😮Long after your double shot of espresso has worn off and your study group has fallen asleep, Tiberias will be there to keep you company. 👯 My night had begun with a search for a distraction, but it had ended in a discovery of a newfound home.🏠💙

Tiberias is much more than cute Croatian waiters who dote on you hand and foot; the restaurant has a kind of family feel. 👪Being a customer who frequents as often as I do, I feel an intrinsic bond to my seat next to the wall by the kitchen. Though my friends disagree, I think one of my most impressive features is the fact that I have the entire Tiberias menu memorized from front to back. Though their extensive menu is commendable, change is hard for me. And therefore I rarely veer my order from their famous salmon caesar salad.🥗 You may be thinking, “Why pay for the salad in-store when you can get it at ease from the Stern caf?” Let me be frank, anyone who compares the packaged soggy salad found in the fridge at Stern to the fresh out of the kitchen salad in the restaurant is maniacal. There is and never will be a salad as dear to my heart as Tiberias’s caesar salad topped with a freshly cooked salmon fillet hot off the grill.😋💓

I recognize that my tastes may not be shared by the masses, and as such I would like to disclose a couple of my favorite dishes that compete for a close second place. 🥈

For a late night snack, I would suggest Tiberias’s Grecian Island Pizza. A thin crusted and chewy pie topped with kalamata olives and feta is sure to make your mouth water. 🍕

Trying to impress a date with your culinary expertise? Go for their Pan-Seared Tuna. A perfectly grilled piece of tuna steak atop mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables is a sure conversation starter.

Got a sweet tooth? You can’t go wrong with a Chai Vanilla Shake. 🍨

Whatever you’re craving and whatever the time of night, Tiberias is sure to have something to satisfy. So next time you need an escape from all things college, head on over to your neighborhood hideout and get yourself addicted. 🤗💃🏻

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