Editor’s Letter: Dealing with Change

December, December, December. What would I ever do without you? December marks the beginning of a blistering winter season, an influx of wide-eyed tourists, red-bowed plants, twinkly lights in department store windows,🎶 the lovely cozy smell of pine🌲🌲 (my favorite!) and who can forget- Hanukkah!🙋 I actually really enjoy being at Brookdale for the days of Chanukah because every year, Brookdale rolls up its windows, and decks out the lounge with all the finest menorahs. 🕎 A mixture of home-bought and TAC-bought menorahs cover the aluminum tables and create a diverse and majestic canopy of light.✨ It’s always great fun watching New Yorkers take those couple steps backward to catch what they just saw and gawk at the glorious menorah spread. Most stop to take IPhone pictures and some families even pose in front of the windows! Because who says the Stern menorahs can’t be just as impressive as Lord and Taylor’s Christmas windows? That’s right.

To celebrate and rejoice in the holiday spirit, Perspective put together a Mystery Maccabee Gift Swap for Chanukah! 🎁This is a great way to meet someone new and have some fun with the holiday in a cheap and easy way! So what are you waiting for? Simcha dance and sign up here! It’s gonna be L.I.T! 🕯️🕯️🕯️

This month, me and Creative Director Shira Feen hosted a Perspective-themed table in the lobby of 245 Lexington. At the table, we launched Perspective laptop stickers, $3 a piece (to fund our print version coming out in the Spring semester), inspo-grams with the Counseling Center, and postcards to friends with Stern culture references! The references were a hit! To celebrate the joys of the 2AM closing time of Tiberias we made a “There’s nobody else I’d rather get late-night Tiberias with💙” friendship card. To celebrate the friendships made by Housing through potluck we made a “Friendship going strong ever since POTLUCK brought us together!💛” post card. For the struggles of being that girl to ask to go to 29th on the shuttle we made a “I’d ask the shuttle driver to stop at 29th for you ❤️” and lastly, for the dwindling money on some of our caf cards  we had the “Let’s get lunch on my roommates caf card 💚” postcard. It’s the “That’s me!” factor that made these cards so relatable, and it also made girls laugh, and showed them how these Stern-isms connect us all together! 🤗 The sticker selling went really well so I’d like to extend a big thanks to all of you who purchased to help fund the print issue. The editors are all so excited about print and can’t wait to share next semester! Further details disclosed soon! 😉

With holiday practicalities planned out and print funding in the works I’d like to discuss and contemplate a deeper theory I have on the month of December.🤓December is a sweet month filled with spirit and fervor in New York City. But alongside all the meshugas of the holiday bazaars, Santa-conning, and light shows, resides little old Stern College, deep in the neck of finals season. While almost all other colleges are on their winter breaks, we continue to trudge on, and take our exams through New Years and on. Still, we push through despite the loneliness and despair of it all.

December, in my theory, is the month where we settle socially within our friend groups, find a homework routine that mostly works, and get our groove together. The days yodels on by, and our routines cement in our daily schedules. It’s a good feeling too, to feel like we’ve found our place on campus, more or less. Unfortunately though, this routine accompanies some not-so-good habits that settle in too. We become complacent about some of the initial goals we set at the beginning of the semester. We give up taking notes in some classes, we stop being as “on top” of things, and we just summise to awaiting the impending doom that is reading week (shudder) and finals (double shudder). But once the routine is already set in stone, it can be hard to just shake it off and start things afresh.

On top of being set in these negative habits, we also become stuck within our own social lives as well. We acclimate ourselves in certain friend groups and the drama within our social circles starts bubbling up to the surface. These things can take up our mind and consume us, and affect all other parts of our life. It sucks us in and the feeling doesn’t go away. In Stern and in college in general, the close-style of dorm living make it even tougher because we are constantly surrounded by other people, and it’s really hard to find some alone time (*cough cough* 4-person and 5-person rooms)

When we are around each other all the time, we start to think like each other. Our minds meld together with our peers and we start to think with similar brain patterns. This clouds our minds and creates an overwhelming feeling within our brain space. It’s hard enough to take care of an individual daily schedule; but now we take into account everyone else’s ideas, opinions, and judgements and relate them to ourselves. It can be overwhelming and tough, and ultimately, it can cause us to feel like we are losing ourselves. In times like this, it’s especially important to take some time alone: to take a break from the social and academic rush. I like to walk by the East River and watch the sunrise or do homework in a nearby hotel lobby. Both of these are removed from campus and allow my mind to breath and focus on recentering my goals —  academically and socially. We may not have a sprawling green campus like other colleges do but the little Stern bubble can definitely still make us feel stuck. This month, I hope you all are inspired to walk a little further out of the Madison, Park, and Lexington borders this month, even just for a brief moment, to breath, refresh, and revitalize yourself.

In the Perspective December Issue, the editors and I put together a mix of comforting and entertaining articles to help our readers regain themselves this month. We can regain ourselves in so many different ways: through nature 🍃, in the magic of books 📚,movies 🎬, and musical numbers 🎶. This month, I ask for all of your take a moment to smile, laugh, or smirk as you read these articles. 😊😄😏

Best of luck to all of you during this crazy crazy season! You got this!💪💪


Unabashedly yours,

Rebecca Kerzner 🌸


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