Editor’s Letter: Perspective

We’ve got a wild idea here. We want to praise the authentic self.  The self that cries from joy, from sadness, from jealousy, from anger, and all the emotions in between. 🎉👌

Dear readers,

Hope you are all having a splendid day! I know we just got back from chagim, but Perspective is still in full swing. I am so excited to share our second debut of 11 articles this month, filled with laughs, opinions, stories, and more! 🤸‍♀️🎨🤣🌅

We are just starting off with a favorite season of many, fall.🍂 For me, fall is all about the pumpkins, 🎃comfy cozy sweaters, and cinnamon smells☕. I love how the city celebrates seasons. On October 1st, all the stores scream fall! On November 1st, it’s thanksgiving station, and on the day after the holiday, it’s winter solstice season! I know it’s all for the American consumers, but I can’t help but get excited over these little things, because it really gets everyone in a holiday spirit!

Most of you may know by now that our logo is titled “Perspective: The Brighter Side of YU”. But there is also one more vital piece within the logo that some of you may not have noticed, and that is the decorative lotus flower on the top right above the word Perspective. So what’s the lotus for? 🤷

Traditionally, the lotus has served as a religious symbol for Hinduism and Buddhism depicting hope, beauty, fertility, and spiritual awakening 🙏. Although this magazine may sometimes inadvertently highlight these broader themes, I’d like to focus on the specific idea that our “Perspective lotus” represents. What is perspective after all? Seeing things in a certain way? Considering a new angle? Yes. This is true. But it is also something a little more.

The lotus symbol is visually a very open shape. With a serene smooth line at the bottom, and curved spikes on the sides, it is symmetrical and visually appealing. It can be compared to three different images depicted below: an open sitting stance, an open hand, and arms outstretched. All these shapes connote a certain openness.


One of the ideas that Perspective advocates is openness and community. These articles have a voice of honesty, to bring readers in, and invite them with friendly words. We want to empower our readers to allow themselves to feel the way they feel, and celebrate themselves in creating a positive environment with these articles. This is an especially imperative issue, because we are in an age of images. Everyone is curating their perfect selves on the medias and making sure that the image is always cool, calm, and collected 🕵️. But we all very well know — like Ilana Kisilinsky illustrates in her article on Social Media, Social Media: An Alternate Reality —  that these images aren’t always authentic and nobody is perfect all the time, no matter how many filters they layer on top of each other.

We’ve got a wild idea here. 😼🤔 We want to praise the authentic self. The self that cries from joy, from sadness, from jealousy, from anger, and all the emotions in between. 😁🙄😱🤢😭😕 Because we are complex people, and nothing is ever what it seems! Our emotions are what make us real — living breathing human beings.

The lotus is a symbol for us to continue to strive to share our most open selves. When we are our truest selves around others, we allow those around us to be completely themselves too.🤗 Being open can lead us to new experiences that we may never otherwise have imagined.

There are also little waves and dots on our Perspective lotus. These little details represent the little details that happen when we get down in these struggles. Life is not black and white, in fact, it’s spotty and wavy and filled with changes, ups, and downs- like Shira Perton illustrates in her article All Bottled Up. But within these little moments, we must every so often remind ourselves of the larger picture; that is the lotus, the constant true calm open mind. 😌💆

This issue, our articles aim to show just that: the cacophony of emotions that humans undergo to reach clarity and understanding. We aren’t the media-perfect self. But our imperfect self is perfect enough! We are celebrating openness within our minds, bodies, and souls! ☀️💪🧘🌼

Unabashedly yours,

Rebecca Kerzner 💞


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