Caf Hacks!

Want some fun new ideas to spice up caf meals? Read up for seven hacks we absolutely love!

  1. Avocado toast 🥑 – You can never wrong with this one, and the caf always has the ingredients! If you happen to find yourself in 215, ask the sushi bar for sliced avocado (‘cuz we lazy). Grab a bread duo from the baskets on your way out🍞, and head over to the rotating toaster. While the bread toasts through the rotator, you can mash the avocado, and spread it on when all is warm and toasty. If you haven’t tried it yet, feta crumbles taste amazing with avocado and can be found in the handy dandy salad bar. This is optional, but I love adding cherry tomatoes to the top as well🍅. For a final touch, get some olive oil from the salad dressing station for a fancy last minute drizzle. Voila! 😋
  2. Yogurt Parfait – Any Chobani fanatics? In 215 (and for breakfast in 245) they have an awesome yogurt bar, filled with various fruit toppings and granola🍌🍓🍍. But if you want the ultimate bowl experience try putting the yogurt in one of the salad bowls for better fork access and a wider real estate of yogurt. For an added sweet bonus on top, there are honey packets by the coffee machines and you can just squeeze it open and drizzle the goodness on top! Bon Apetit!
  3. Grilled Cheese – Both cafeterias have bread, cheese at the salad bar, and a panini press. You do the math.🍞+🧀=🤗 Don’t forget the foil!
  4. Vanilla Latte – We all need our sweet caffeine fix once (ok twice) a day, but the vanilla and chocolate lattes from the coffee machines in 215 and 245 can be overwhelmingly sweet, even for those of us who crave Sixteen Handles on a regular basis.🍧 If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth and stay awake through your next lecture👍, try getting a regular unsweetened latte or cappuccino from the machine and adding two or three pumps of the vanilla flavored syrup they keep on the counter. Tastes just as great, but doesn’t make you feel like you just drank a cup of liquid sugar.
  5. Teriyaki Salmon Salad – Salmon Thursdays are a well known tradition in the Stern Caf’s.  😋 Change up your meal plan by adding the Teriyaki Salmon to a bed of lettuce and other veggies from the salad bar🥗. A Teriyaki Salmon salad would be my first pick from a restaurant menu, so why not make it one of your caf hack staples? 🤔
  6. Cheese and Broccoli – This match is famous for a reason. At the caf, we are lucky and often enough, get to choose between not one, but three cheeses! 🧀🧀🧀 A cheddar, mozzarella, and feta if that’s your thing. You can add a ton of cheese from the salad bar on the hot meal veggie option and then microwave it up until the cheese pulls and glistens. Drizzle with salt and pepper and enjoy! YAS.✔️
  7. Just Go to Mendy’s – Sometimes despite all tricks and hacks that exist in the caf stratosphere, it can still seem like there is absolutely nothing to eat. 🤷 When that day comes, you just have to get out of there as fast as you can, and head over to Mendy’s for a wrap, salad, burger, or soup. Now we have five restaurants at our disposal including the newly founded Paprika (which will hopefully be on the Caf Card soon), so in desperate times, don’t be afraid to use your Omni money!


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