A Beginners Guide to YC/Stern 📝

by Abby Adler and Rebecca Kerzner

At Perspective🌅, we believe it is important to try our best to be emotionally and physically prepared for the start of college.

Yes, we know you’ve figured out the difference between 245 and 215 Lex, or Morg and Muss by this point, but what about the stuff they don’t tell you during Orientation week? That’s right. Together with YU alum Abby Adler and current senior Rebecca Kerzner, we’ve put together a list of the tips you’ll want to have in your back pocket the next time you face a two year library book fee or when you run out of all your caf money and are  stuck with your roommate’s supply of stale cereals. And we graciously put together lists for BOTH campuses! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️


Womens tips: Beren Campus!

Midtown is a sick campus. There is so much to do around us and the opportunities are endless! So, here’s the low-down on being smart about life so you can get going with that college adventure you are about to embark on. 🤘

  1. DON’T bring 6 bags of things. There is not enough space for it all. Especially in a C room. (spoken from an ex-C-roomer)
  2. Stern in the know gets you IN THE KNOW for teachers, books, and announcements.
  3. The 6 train is your best friend. Get to know it.
  4. Tiberias will always be good. No matter how expensive. (I see you haters! 👋) Plus caf card. What is money?💸
  5. The shuttle is a chance for you to spread your social butterfly wings. Or just listen to music and enjoy the scenery that passes you by along the journey. Both are win-win. 
  6. Go to office hours. Your profs are probably cooler after-hours.
  7. Nearby study havens: any NYPL, Gregory’s Cafe, Dunkin across from Brookdale – because who doesn’t love a good kosher coffee, hashbrowns, and textbook combo?
  8. Stay sane – go to the gym, take naps, indulge in Lush bath bombs. (It’s just down 34th street).
  9. They charge you extra if you stay at Tiberias. Take it to go and eat in the lounges. Or in your room watching Netflix — we won’t judge.
  10. The caf closes at 7 on Thursdays. Beat the hour if you want to get food.
  11. Kugels on Fridays are amazing; that’s not negotiable.
  12. They sell super scrumptions Mexikosher in 245 Caf Tuesday nights. #RIPCarlosandGabby’s 😭
  13. The shuttle app is awesome for Wilf Campus needs, but you are ALWAYS going to need to log-in twice. 📲📲
  14. The stores on 34th are open past 8. Never stop shopping!
  15. Shabbat on campus is actually pretty fun.
  16. The Golden Rule: Never miss the 2 am shuttle on Thursdays. Then you have to subway or Uber and it’s a whole ordeal. Plus, New York isn’t the safest place to be at night.
  17. The package center closes at 10 PM! This may not seem like something unimportant but the typical college schedule goes wayyyyyy after 10 PM, so gotta be careful.
  18. The elevators break… a lot. 🤦‍♀️
  19. Chicken avocado wraps at Mendies are bomb.😋
  20. Actually complete your stereotypical city bucket list. 


Ok guys, thanks for waiting. I promise you it was worth it.


Mens Tips: Wilf Campus

  1. Meet new people. Surprise!😮 There are actually some pretty cool people at YU, so try to find and meet them.
  2. Get involved. Go to events with speakers.
  3. DON’T be deceived, the Subway 181st A stop is really on 184th St.
  4. The campuses are split-but hey, the ride is on average only 20 minutes away! There is a sick shuttle option on the YU Mobile App (get it!) and you can make a username and password, and sign up for shuttles! Until 2 AM!
  5. Get added to YU marketplace, YU in the know, and YU rideshare, the majestic FB groups.
  6. If you’re not satisfied with your morning program try IBC, there are some really amazing classes with incredible rabbis, at least until you finish your Judaic req.
  7. Caf food is expensive and you should budget it carefully, the food is actually not as bad as everyone says. In fact, families from across the NY area used to drive to the Heights just to eat in the caf. Believe me, I’ve seen it.
  8. There are cockroaches and the occasional rat. It’s New York. Get over it.
  9. Choose Rubin if you’re new, Morg if you’re returning, and Muss if you’re on a budget.
  10. If you don’t know your major, decide fast. Or else take cores to get them out of the way but there are different opinions, some find that it’s not worth waiting for a good core.
  11. Go on Stern shabbatons.
  12. Stay in for Shabbat and you’ll have a very different time here. It will be uncomfortable at first. You may know very few people and feel alone but eventually you’ll actually build a group of friends, a community that you wouldn’t have met otherwise.
  13. Take Spanish.
  14. Always ask about student discount prices.
  15. Washington Heights is pretty good with not man-made looking parks. Check out Fort Tryon Park when you can. 🏞️
  16. Microsoft offers word, powerpoint, and excel for free to students. Speaking of Excel, definitely familiarize yourself with the program.
  17. Potluck dorming is risk and even though finding a friend to live with is ideal, sometimes best friends are created this way.
  18. If you’re eligible make sure to take advantage of work study. Of if you’re short on cash think about YU jobs like being a Shabbat waiter, lifeguard, or working in the caf. 
  19. Find an extra curricular activity to dedicate your time. Find something your’e good at: if you like writing submit an article to The Commentator🗞️, if you’re athletic but not good enough for the basketball🏀 or soccer⚽ teams there are others (*cough cough* 🤺fencing🤺 *cough cough), and if you like politics join the college Republicans or Democrats or PoliSci society.👨‍⚖️
  20. Buy used books, you never use them anyway. 


That ends our list! We hope you enjoyed! Now get out there, and HUSTLE!🏋️🤸


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  1. JC says:

    The A train DOES in fact stop at 181st.

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