Slowing Down

By Eli Raskin
People love asking me, “Won’t you get bored?” Yes, and that’s exactly why I’m moving upstate: to get bored enough to finally appreciate what matters.

Check It Before You Wreck It

By Francine Szerer
The next time someone else’s “perfect post” brings you down, scroll through your own page and remember that nothing is as perfect as it seems.

Some More Thoughts on Stern Dating Culture

By Liat Clark
“In light of a number of pieces (published and unpublished) recently written by women in Yeshiva University expressing their frustrations with the dating culture and shidduch system in our university and broader community, I’d like to follow up with some observations, comfort, and encouragement for everyone who finds themselves anywhere in the world of relationships.”

Hopelessly Devoted to my Eating Disorder

By Atara Sragow
” Being hopelessly devoted to an eating disorder can feel like being stuck in a toxic relationship with an abusive boyfriend. At times it feels impossible to speak up until you realize your voice is stronger than theirs.”