Some More Thoughts on Stern Dating Culture

By Liat Clark
“In light of a number of pieces (published and unpublished) recently written by women in Yeshiva University expressing their frustrations with the dating culture and shidduch system in our university and broader community, I’d like to follow up with some observations, comfort, and encouragement for everyone who finds themselves anywhere in the world of relationships.”

Hopelessly Devoted to my Eating Disorder

By Atara Sragow
” Being hopelessly devoted to an eating disorder can feel like being stuck in a toxic relationship with an abusive boyfriend. At times it feels impossible to speak up until you realize your voice is stronger than theirs.”

That’s News to Me

By Sonia Betesh
“Somewhere in between 90210 and The Bachelor, the political opinion took its own stance–using dating apps as its platform. First-time conversations have shifted from attempting to trump awkwardness to, well…Trump. When did dating become so political?”

Taking Advantage of all this Christmas Cheer

By Lilly Gelman
“What can Christmas mean to those who didn’t grow up attending Midnight Mass to return home and ogle at gifts under the tree in the living room? Coming from a home of a different religion or one simply apathetic to the traditions of Christmas, can people still take advantage of all this most wonderful time of year has to offer?”

My Top 2018 Fiction Releases

By Kayla Plutzer
Looking for a page-turner to curl up with after long, icy days of school and studying? Check of Kayla Plutzer’s top 5 picks from 2018.