Spring Break Adventures

A peek into all of your Spring Break Adventures! We’re glad some of you found the sun!

Weather Woes and Living For Now

Read this month’s editor’s letter of stories, insights, and tips! Let’s celebrate getting past the end of midterms!

Cheap, Chic, and Sleek.

“You don’t have to shop at the Loft to fit in here at Stern.” Hello, discount stores!

What’s the Deal with Pom Poms?

“Last time I graced the pages of Perspective magazine, I gave my take on pencil skirts and all of their glory. This time around, come with me as I maybe somewhat obnoxiously state my opinion on a peculiar fashion trend I see pop up every winter here at Yeshiva University.”

Time-Turners Don’t Exist in the Muggle World

“A million thoughts flooded my mind and  once I gathered them, what I felt was that I was not lucky enough to know what I was supposed to be missing. How can you be sad about something when you don’t know what that something is?”

HQ: The App That Is Taking Over Millennials

” Being on a game show, simply put, is pretty cool. It finally puts each person in the driver’s seat, as if Oprah is pointing to us all and exclaiming that we all get to be on a game show! And HQ, with its kaleidoscopic graphics, clattering background music, and seemingly endless stream of terrible puns, is even more exciting. HQ manages to bring what used to be a rare experience to the masses.”

Time to Facetime

“Millennials…prefer WhatsApp and Facebook messenger to old- fashioned calling. The lack of face-to-face—or at least voice-to-voice— interactions, however, leaves a gaping hole in the process of building our relationships and friendships.”

A Letter to the Voices In Our Heads

“Never forget where you come from. Never let someone else dictate who you truly are. God put you on this earth for a reason — for you to take all that you have been given and find a way to shine.”

If I Could Live Without Emotions

It’s true that challenging emotions such as shame, hurt, anger, resentment, and disappointment sting—sometimes to our cores—but they are also the birthplace of emotions that everyone wants to feel.